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2018: Health in Europe forecast

Trends in European Health What health challenges will Europe be facing in 2018 ? A small overview of health threats and trends. How will traffic accidents, cancer, ischemic heart disease and various communicable diseases contribute to Europe’s disease burden? What responses are warranted from a political standpoint? The EU has several mandates in place, and hence also moral and politically binding obligations to safeguard the health of its citizens.

Trump’s presidency: a threat or an opportunity for global health?

Check out Dr. Greg Martin’s video on how Donald Trump’s presidency of the USA could potentially affect global health. War, climate change and mass migration, new pandemics, domestic protectionism; are we headed towards an unprecedented global health disaster, or does Trump’s inauguration provide opportunities for the USA to favourably affect the global health agenda?

World Mental Health Day: Stigmas surrounding depression

depressionYesterday was October 10th, a day which was dubbed World Mental Health Day. As a mental healthcare professional I embrace this initiative – a special day to emphasize the importance of mental health and wellbeing -, particularly due to the fact it signifies the launch of various initiatives to promote the international mental health agenda. For instance, the WHO is using World Mental Health Day 2016 to launch Read More

This Week in Global Health and Dr. Greg Martin’s channel

Today we would like to highlight Dr. Greg Martin’s Youtube channel on global health and the TWiGH initiative. Dr. Greg Martin is a medical doctor with Master degrees in Public Health and Business Administration. He is an authority in the global health landscape and in past years he has devoted his time to make an intriguing series of online videos which are of great interest for any professional working in the field of global health / public health.

CDC in USA issues travel warning for pregnant women; Miami to be avoided due to Zika Virus

Mosquito exterminationFear for the Zika virus has moved the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a negative travel advice for certain areas of Miami, Florida; pregnant women are advised to avoid parts of the city, while women who recently visited these areas of Miami are advised to not become pregnant in the coming months. If women who visited the area are already pregnant, they Read More



Public Health in Europe

Partner organisations and important stakeholders
Maastricht University
Master European Public Health
The MSc programme in European Public Health of Maastricht University has a unique focus on the European policy domain. Students are exposed to a high level research environment and can choose to write their thesis at renowned institutions across Europe.
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World Health Organization
Regional office for Europe
The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations specialised in international public health. The WHO Regional Office for Europe is one of the WHO’s six regional offices around the world, serving 53 countries in the WHO European Region.
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European Commission
DG Santé
DG SANTE is the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission. DG Santé defines policy priorities, drafts legislative proposals, and develops the EU programmes pertaining to health, food safety and consumer rights.
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Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
ASPHER is dedicated to the professionalisation of the public health workforce in the European region. Through education and training ASPHER contributes to capacity building in the field of European public health.
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