If you have written an interesting paper, research report or thesis on a public health related topic, we are happy to review it for publication on our website. Publishing an article is a great way to share your work with peers, to build an online portfolio with writing samples, to gain exposure and to strengthen your curriculum vitae.  If you want to submit an article, take into account the following publication guidelines:

  • Articles have to be relevant from a public health perspective
  • Articles need to be written in good English
  • Research articles should display a decent methodological quality
  • You can only submit articles that are your own original work. If multiple authors have contributed to the article, you should have their permission before submitting the article
  • You are completely free to use a layout and referencing style of your choosing; just be consistent
  • There is no word limit
  • Articles should be submitted as a Word file

To explore the possibilities of publishing your work on our online platform, send us a message via the contact form with your name, email address and the topic of your article. We will shortly be in touch with you!