This section of the website is devoted to academic papers, theses and research reports on European public health issues. The main aim of this section is to facilitate and stimulate knowledge exchange between public health professionals, by providing an easily accessible online platform where research papers and reports can be shared.

In particular we would also like to address and inspire students to contribute. During our university years we have seen students write scientific papers and research theses of great quality, as part of their academic curricula. While these papers frequently offer refreshing insights and useful perspectives on health issues, the majority of students do not pursue publication of their findings. The threshold to pursue publication of an article is often too high, as most scientific journals adhere to strict and rigid publication criteria, and peer review procedures are often lengthy and tedious. Because we feel it is a great waste that so many great papers and theses are not made available to the general public, we hereby invite students and other public health professionals to share any worthwhile papers they have written. If you are interested in publishing an article on our website, you can view our publication guidelines and criteria here.

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