Today we would like to highlight Dr. Greg Martin’s Youtube channel on global health and the TWiGH initiative. Dr. Greg Martin is a medical doctor with Master degrees in Public Health and Business Administration. He is an authority in the global health landscape and in past years he has devoted his time to make an intriguing series of online videos which are of great interest for any professional working in the field of global health / public health.

First of all, Dr. Greg Martin is involved in a weekly global health news show, called ‘This Week in Global Health’, or TWiGH. Each week, Dr. Martin and a team of qualified global health experts, students and young professionals prepare a brief overview of current events and topics in the global health arena. Click here to access the TWiGH website.

Secondly, Dr. Greg Martin has his own Youtube channel which is very worthwhile checking out. We made a small selection of videos which are specifically relevant for young professionals who are starting their career and are entering the field of global health. 

Areas of interest in global health:

Professional roles in global health:

Skills and competencies for global health:

Entrepeneurship in global health:

Finding a job in global health:

Jobs in global health – who’s hiring? :

Consulting jobs in global health:

Curious to see more from Greg Martin? Visit the aforementioned Youtube channel and the TWiGH website.

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