Odzala 1Part of our editorial board will depart to Congo Brazzaville tomorrow for a medical project in the remote area near Odzala-Kokoua National Park. The project is an initiative of African Parks, a non-profit organisation concerned with nature and wildlife preservation in several nature reserves throughout Africa.

The European Union is one of the strategic and funding partners of African Parks. Not only does the European Union underline the importance of nature and wildlife preservation in Africa, it also emphasises the importance of local community outreach. Therefore, the allocated budget is spent to support a hollistic and sustainable approach to benefit the area, the wildlife and the people living there. In addition to protecting the local flora and fauna, African Parks also provides employment opportunities for the local population and aims to strengthen the local public health infrastructure and medical amenities. It is for this last purpose some of the medical and public health experts of our team are travelling to the area.

The area our editorial board will travel to is characterised by limited facilities; electricity and internet access are not structurally available. This might lead to a temporary decrease of news articles being posted in our ‘news and opinion’ feed, but once our editors are back we aim to provide our readers with an inspiring travelogue!

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